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Helpful Hints


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The Ballet Uniform

Our students love wearing leotards in pink or black! At Dance Inc. we have special performance wear so all our girls look and feel gorgeous for their stage work. Please note that class wear is a leotard, skirt and ballet shoes and the choice of colour is totally yours! In cold weather a ballet jersey or long sleeve vest may be worn. Leggings and leg warmers are also optional in winter as long as we can see your daughter's body easily.

You can find dancewear at:

Dancing Shoes (Florida) 011 763 4090 or 083 377 1139

Danceland (Clear Water) 011 475 1466

Mr Price Sport (Key West & Retail Crossing)

The Ballet Shoes

We like split sole Red Rain canvas ballet shoes in pink because they are machine washable and come with the elastics already sewn on! Ballet socks and stockings will make it easier to get shoes on in summer. The socks really can last forever!


The Ballet Bun

What you will need for the ballet bun

Hair Elastics

La Perbras Gel

Hair Grips

Hair Pins

Fine Tooth Tail Comb

Hair Nets

1. Brush your hair carefully so its tangle free.
2. Then pull your hair back into a high ponytail, and fasten with a hair elastic band.
3. Add gel to the top sides and back of the head (not the pony tail)
4. Use a fine tail comb to smooth the hair towards the pony tail, clip it in place with hair grips as close to the pony as you can (don't worry we'll cover those clips with the bun)
5. Next, twist that ponytail into a bun shape by wrapping it in a circle around the base of the ponytail until you have a bun.
6. Fasten with hair pins.
7. Add your hair net this secures the bun to the head and you may need to wrap it around twice.
8. Spray with hair spray for the fine hairs and you're done!

Performances 2012

All performances require:

Spotlessly clean ballet shoes with sewn elasticsHair in a perfect bun

  • Make up (foundation, and lots and LOTS of layers of mascara plus brown eye-shadow if you wish to wear this)
  • Dancers to arrive in casual wear with their well-marked ballet clothes in a well-marked bag.
  • Please have 2 pairs of ballet tights in your ballet bag
  • A well-marked pair of socks to be worn over clean ballet shoes to keep them super clean
  • Dancers should be aware that absolutely NO TALKING is permitted back-stage
  • A water bottle and a light snack
  • As ballet is a performing art - we nurture this facet of training with three opportunities to perform on stage annually (one of which is in a theatre).

    Dancers who are age 5 by March 2012 are taught the AAB (American Academy of Ballet) syllabus. The children are officially entered for this at the beginning of March at a cost of R225. They perform class exercises and a dance for the Academy's Adjudicator and thereafter are awarded a medal and certificate based on that performance that same evening. Your daughter will perform this in the Millennium School Hall in May 2012.

    The AAB syllabus provides the following:

  • Each student performs a solo dance before an audience and does not have to be a star to enjoy this moment of glory. Every student has a chance to be in the spotlight.
  • The entry fee is modest providing the parents with the great pleasure of seeing their daughter's performance.
  • The medal and certificate are a permanent recognition of personal endeavour and achievement for each student.
  • Enjoyment of the program - both in the learning process and in the actual performance.
  • Improve at a truly amazing rate, stimulated by the dance quality inherent in the program, and the prospect of being awarded a Gold medal.
  • Are challenged to achieve their personal best by the increasing demands made by the program.
  • Mogale Youth Ballet

    This year Carla's newly choreographed work Faerie Fantasia will be performed at the Pro Musica Theatre on the 18th August in association with Dance Inc. and the West Rand Chamber of Commerce and Tourism as the first official performance of the Mogale Youth Ballet.

    If you would like your daughter be a part of this venture please take note of the following: Audition on 17 March (cost R30) and participation fee of R550.

    As this is an opportunity to be a part of a professional ballet production it therefore requires 90% attendance at all rehearsals (i.e. you may only miss one rehearsal).

    The dates have been included for you to diarise before the audition and before schedules become too full.

    Rehearsals will take place on the following days/dates;

    Saturdays from 9h30 - 12h00 at the NG Church 20 Lismore Str, Kenmare 19 May, 26 May, 2 June, 9 June, 30 June, 7 July (COMPULSORY REHEARSAL ), 14 July(COMPULSORY REHEARSAL ), 21 July(COMPULSORY REHEARSAL ), 28 July (COMPULSORY REHEARSAL ), 4 Aug & the theatre rehearsal on 18 Aug (*COMPLUSORY REHEARSAL ) and

    3 x Week Day rehearsals from 17h30 - 19h30 at Laerskool Millennium 1) Tuesday 7 Aug, 2) Tuesday 14 Aug (*COMPULSORY REHEARSAL ) 3) Thursday 16 Aug (*COMPULSORY REHEARSAL )

    *COMPLUSORY REHEARSAL – this means that EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF THE CAST MUST BE AT THE VENUE - if you are sick a chair will be provided for you to sit and watch. Failure to arrive on these dates: 7/7, 14/7, 21/7, 28/7, 14/8, 16/8 and 18/8 means you forfeit your opportunity to dance at the final performance. It's like being declared UNFIT for your debut performance at a South African rugby or cricket match final. There will be no rehearsals on 16th and 23rd of June or Saturday 11th August to allow for family holidays and breakaways.

    Awards / Achievements

    At Dance Inc. we award our students for the following achievements.

  • Gorgeous Grooming - for being so beautiful
  • Spunk - for being spectacular
  • Pure Pleasure - for being an angel
  • Dazzling Dancer - for being so sparkly
  • Personality - for being so dazzling
  • Bubbly Ballerina - for being a delight
  • Most Promising Dancer - for being incredible
  • Best Beginner - for catching up so brilliantly
  • Dependable Dream - for being so astoundingly ready for everything
  • Sweet Surprise - for being the sweetheart in our studio
  • Special Award - for being an the most promising teacher-to-be
  • Tiny Tot - for being the youngest ballerina
  • Time - for being the longest standing pupil at ballet
  • Punctuality - for being on time every time
  • Manners - for being a complete treasure and having such divine manners
  • Flexibility Award - for stretching yourself
  • Diligence - for being consistent in your quest for perfection
  • Most Improved - for taking the bulls by the horns and working so hard Brilliant
  • Brain - for being on the ball all the time
  • Grace Award - for being so graceful and elegant
  • Gold + Students - for achieving this result in the American Academy Syllabus
  • Work Awesome Award - for stepping up & doing hard things

  • This year our prize giving will be held on Thursday the 8th of November


    You will receive an invoice on or close to the 20th of each month. Fees are payable strictly in advance on or before the 10th of the month. Should a student resign before the end of the month or year no refund will be made. A penalty fee of R50 will be charged when fees are paid after the 10th.

    Our fees are calculated as follows: Basic monthly fee-discount for holidays = Rx X 10 months Feb - Nov.

    Alternatively you may make four term payments by 10th Feb, Apr, Jul, Oct.

    Notice: Your registration fee (the same a month's fee) is in lieu of notice-we would still like an sms or e-mail (which we will respond and thank you for) to confirm your leaving. Every October we send out a new registration form. If you decide not to continue with ballet in the next academic year please inform us by 1 Nov (that way we can use your registration fee to pay for your last month of ballet).

    Banking details: for deposits and EFTs are

  • Capitec Bank
  • Branch Name : Key West Branch
  • Branch Code : 470010
  • Savings Account : Dance Inc
  • Account Number: 1249759194
  • Please send proof of payment asap

    Arriving late to fetch your child

    A late fee of R200 is charged for the first 30min you are late to fetch your child and R200 for each 30 minute thereafter. It will be added to the following months invoice. Please contact us if you are running late.
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